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mcflea's Journal

16 April 1990
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Evening, I'm here because I occasionally enjoy a bit of Fanfiction - particularly if they involve a character I have recently had an obsession with. Malcolm Tucker is this month's victim. I often find I cannot fully engage with a show/novel/film/manga until I have a character I can latch onto and fancy the fuck out of. Generally what I require is some kind of attractive father and/or authority figure (preferably higher up than the majority of the characters but not the boss, cos then there's room for a bit of rebellion). These characters seem to come in one of two forms: the nice, calm, good-humoured gentleman - usually with a hidden dark side - OR the aloof, angry badass (usually a workaholic too) who enjoys ripping the shit out of everyone else. Yes. What do they have in common? ENIGMA. And plenty of room for speculation, ya know? Vaguely alluded to pasts or relationships or whatever - shit that's hinted at but never fully explained. Awesome. That's probably why I tend to hate main characters, too much information mate, I no longer care. Also, is it just me or is grey hair kinda hot?